Reiki is a Japanese healing modality which utilizes the unseen, universal life force energy surrounding us all. We practice it to restore balance and promote relaxation in our everyday lives. It is a non-invasive practice administered to clients by the laying of hands.

The technique of healing hands allows the client to relax and let go; opening a connection to their innate healing capabilities.


Our Rxeiki practitioners will share with you a space to heal on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level 

and serve as a connection between you and the love and light of the world around us.


Restore your natural flow of energy

Deepen your connection to the Universe 


a healing touch


Expanding Awareness

Deeper Connections

Aura Cleansing

Emotional Balance

Love & Support

Aches & Pains

Chakra Alignment

Energetic Healing

Spiritual Healing

Stress Reduction


John Hoolahan

Hello All,


My name is John, founder of Rxeiki.


I started my Reiki journey in Novermber of 2016, and completed my Holy Fire II Reiki Master Training in October of 2017. Since then I have given Reiki to many clients with much success. I have also taught classes to those interested in discovering their own healing abilities through Reiki. 

I am also a Student Pharmacist expected to graduate from Pharmacy school in May 2019. My passion is to merge the benefits of both Western and Eastern practices of medicine and healing to bring a sense of Wholeness and Balance to those in need of care. 

Love and Light to all who gather here.

When John introduced me to Reiki my entire life began to change. The profound level of insight and universal connection he provides during his Reiki sessions have influenced my life in beautiful ways. - LT

“I feel great. I honestly felt very lifted - like I was being raised up by or to something.”

Reiki was a reflective experience. I felt so relaxed and warm at one point that I found myself lost in thought, and ultimately, transported back a few years in a timeline sort of sequence that lead to where I am now. The experience gave me a truly, rounded perspective on how I grew up and started to actually respect and love the person that I am today. There’s only one of me out there and Reiki not only opened my mind up to this fact, but also highlighted that I’m invaluable. When the experience was over, I was thankful that it showed me just how much of a footprint I make in the world, and the impact I have on the people I care about the most.  - BM

“Thank you so much I feel like this made me feel a lot better and even gave me some direction and clarity as to where to go or what little things to do to make myself feel better. Just like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I feel more relaxed than I have in days.” - OV